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    My work with painting is a mixture of intuition and strategy. I weave stories and symbols into an ornament of shapes and colors. The handmade feel of a painting is very important to me. I aim to let the many layers and the very time-consuming process of making the painting show in the final result. I like to give my paintings the same level of all over decorative details and texture as a handmade tapestry. That is why I mix a kind of sand into the oil paint I use. I want the paint to be heavy and unpractical for painting so many details. This contradiction adds something intriguing to the experience of the painting. In my earlier paintings I had a more abstract expression and I think this is why I place as much emphasis on the decorative aspect as I do on the narrative. I want every inch of the painting to be produced with equal thoroughness and importance.

    The motifs are often inspired by dreams, folklores and occult or religious myths. I am interested in the characters that exist in these stories; The hero we admire, the ugly we are ashamed of, the beautiful we long for and the evil, diabolical we fear.
    For me, painting is a way of connecting the physical visuality of art to the inner life of our minds. I think the symbolism and hidden meanings of the stories holds a key to understanding and developing oneself. I try to reflect this in my paintings and in this way examine how I can convert the narrative into my own expression. I often comment on the story I am inspired by, by giving it a new meaning. Especially in the many tales that bears witness to the historical marginalizing view of women. I would like to contribute to a more reflected and updated view on women. To me it is very important to investigate themes that deal with femininity, sexuality and gender roles and look at their continuing relevance and complexity. But I like to do this with a lot of lightness, humor and playfulness.
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